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Day 7 – NaNoWriMo 2017

Required words: 1,666
Target total: 11,667
Actual words: 1,700
Overall words: 12,881

This one’s going to be brief, because I need to writewriteWRITE!!

Lots of errands yesterday, that’s why only 1.7k although I was motivated. Dentist appointment, admin stuff, lunch, swimming, and going on the fruitless hunt for a new lamp for my office turned out to take a LOT of time. I have the ideal lamp at home, from IKEA no less, but they sneakily discontinued it (actually, I never saw it before or after picking it up, it was a real stroke of luck to find it when I needed it). Ended up ordering one from amazon because what I found elsewhere was either absolutely hideous, too expensive, or both. I’ve only recently realized I need an extra lamp as I got the office in April where during my usual office hours it was light outside, but now that it’s doom and gloom pretty much always except when it’s really sunny or 11am – 3pm, I need some extra illumination. Right now, I have the choice of semi-gloom (desk-lamp + my reading lamp from over by my comfy EKTORP reading chair) or operation room (6 really bright but slightly flickering overhead lights). Neither is conducive to me still having any eyesight left at the end of the day. Fun fact: I type blindly (enough practice on a keyboard that I’ve been using for 5+ years now. Well, the 3rd of the same model now, and I have it at home and at my mom’s as well, plus two I’ve destroyed in the past, no liquids involved.), and I don’t really look at the screen, which I realize when I have to spend the day actually focusing on something, like when I edit, and end up with tearing eyes and a monster of a headache.

Most of yesterday’s writing I did from 10-11pm, again. I was at 704 words when we went for the hunt of the illusive lamp, and I couldn’t let that be the end of the day. So I wrote another 1000 words before heading to bed. I’m sleeping a LOT right now, which is a good thing, and today I woke up with the NEED to wrote. Not just wanting to, but having to. So I’m ending this now so I can add a few details I forgot last night, and then work on getting some actual word count racked up, not these measly numbers that you’ve been seeing so far. Those would be awesome if I didn’t need to finish the book like yesterday, and amazing if I could keep them up each and every day, but I usually write in leaps and bounds, and I think I’m about to take off for one of those. Tomorrow will tell if I get to eat those words.

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