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Day 6 – NaNoWriMo 2017

Required words: 1,666
Target total: 10,000
Actual words: 2,386
Overall words: 11,181

Late, short post this morning as I was able to avoid the next phase of the Dental Apocalypse, but that appointment cost me almost the entire morning writing session. Love my dentist, but in the last years I’ve been putting his kids through college. Except that we don’t have tuition fees on most universities in Austria. But you get the meaning. Still have the routine cleaning and a periodontitis preventative whateveritscalled ahead but should come back negative. If there’s one thing about my health that I’ve gotten super paranoid, it’s my teeth. I’m sure that you would have never guessed that, considering the last book I’ve published.

Writing went okay, but I was too tired in the evening to do more than 400 words. Apparently, my “easy” swim was more of a workout than it felt like because I’m sore in my ass, thighs, shoulder, and surprisingly, feet today. Yay! Got some good quality sleep in, too, which is a sure sign that my mind’s normalizing. Don’t want to jinx it, and I’m not yet at 100% “normal” but the frustration and anger has leveled out. I did not (internally) go off at someone leaving the window open in the gym changing room which felt fantastic, coming from the pool after 67 minutes of swimming to exhaustion, in a wet swimsuit! Or that the fries with my burger were cold (but oh so delicious!) or that we had to wait 15 mins in a traffic jam right around our home (where usually, there’s no traffic whatsoever after 6pm) because of road work in progress. Nor assholes cutting me off on the way to the dentist. The road rage is strong in me! The seasonal component of my depression is gone completely, too, I’m happy for all the yellow leaves, like those right outside my office! I’m a strong believer in writing to work through my issues, and that blog post yesterday did a lot to shove my mind in the right direction (that it was on already or it would have been useless, but hey, I’ll take every little bit that I can!)

Oh, and I’m about to write me some deliciously gruesome stuff today, so that’s something to look forward to! Provided I don’t drown because of my sore muscles.

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