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Day 2 – NaNoWriMo 2017

Required words: 1,666 / 3,333
Planned words: 3,333
Actual words: 793
Overall words: 3,897

FAIL! Day 2 and I’ve already clocked in at under the required daily word count. Still ahead in the overall, but 793 does not make a fulfilling result. That’s why I love writing way over my set WC of the day, so that one bad day doesn’t throw me completely off schedule. I’m coming down with something, and for the past 2 days I’ve woken up at 3:30 and only been able to go back to sleep at 6am, which consequently turned me into a zombie. Did some great plotting at 3:45am, but sadly, when I crawled back out of bed, my mind was mush and it was all gone, and I eventually gave up at 800 words instead of writing 3 pages of mindless ramble that I would have to delete the next morning, anyway. Bree has a tendency to go off on tangents, no need to deliberately send her on one! Fun fact: Still writing that same conversation I was in at the end of Day 1. It happens.

Did some research today, some re-plotting I didn’t think I’d need but that added two wonderful scenes to make it all more cohesive, so that’s good. Continued to set up my Bullet Journal for 2018 (yes, I’m one of those people, and no, that’s not about my results on the range, but I could add that to my activity tracker… if I wasn’t too lazy to keep one. Oh, the irony). Watched some true crime shows on YouTube (thanks, Mindhunter, for rekindling that interest. Phenomenal show, watch it if you haven’t yet!). Finished my accounting for October, and because my audiobook royalties didn’t hit my account until November (my fault) October is the third month this year that I’m in the red. Nothing to worry about as I operate with a budget and some serious cushions to avoid instant panic, and I know that Nov and Dec will be much, much better (the ebook royalties from GF#7: Affliction so far, Amazon pays out 2 months after the royalties are accrued), but to anyone who thinks that just because you know my name as a writer I’m swimming in money: nope. Last year was amazing, 2017 is decent (enough that I don’t need to go hunt for a day job yet). Does anyone but me even care about my numbers and finances? Probably not.

I did all of the writing in the evening, that’s why I’m switching to doing the daily logs on the next morning from now on, makes more sense. I oscillate between being an early bird and a night owl irregularly. Right now I could flip into a nocturnal rhythm with the blink of an eye. Except for a dentist appointment next week I easily could do it, but that would likely mean I’d work from home rather than the office, and find yet more excuses not to hit the gym, so maaaaybe not. Once I’m better again, I’m a sniffling, coughing mess right now with light temp and headache. Sitting down for another late writing session from 8pm until midnight will likely be the way to go. Note to self: If I end up waking up at 3:30 again, I’m hitting that keyboard, daylight be damned.

I’m off into Day 3 now, hopefully to turn yesterday’s dribble around and make some good headway, both word count and in-story. I get a feeling this book won’t be a short one. If you can think of any short topics I might discuss during these posts to give them a little more content than just bare, boring numbers, let me know!

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