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Day 15 – NaNoWriMo 2017

Required words: 1,666
Target total: 25,000
Actual words: 2,822
Overall words: 40,077

Stayed up late last night to break the 100k words on GF#8 – so worth it! Also to get so many positive comments in the facebook group. I can’t tell you how much of a morale booster that 5-second effort from a reader can be to a writer. At least it is for me. I mean, of course I have my sale numbers, KU page read stats, review numbers (if amazon doesn’t randomly dock them. I’ve been lucky so far, I think?) – but it’s different to have a face (or funny avatar) to put it all in perspective when I get to interact directly with you guys. Really means the world to me! I’m getting all sentimental here… and I’m severely sleep-deprived because the cat wouldn’t let me have the two extra hours of sleep in the morning. Evil black cats are evil!

Writing went okay yesterday, and shy of 3k I can’t complain but I wish it was more. I really want to finish this book soon! Also so I can make the release estimate and have it out before the end of the year. Swam for 1.5 hours yesterday and that wiped me out a little. But hey, the 100k mark is surpassed, the rest should go quickly. Usually does. If anyone’s wondering about my mental state, I think I’ve stabilized to “normal” overall, Saturday was a fluke, thankfully! I mean, I would love to have the book done in under five days, but it’s nice to feel “okay” rather than any of the extremes for a bit. Also did some number crunching last night (October sales report was ready on amazon), year’s not half bad! I didn’t have the mega phenomenal numbers of 2016 but that year, I released three books in five months and the series was just taking off, that momentum is harder to recreate when you’re writing the long tail of the series. But for a 10 months break and two releases it’s been more than simply “okay”, which is amazing! Amazon pays royalties two months after the month in which they were accrued, so I pretty much know now what my fiscal year 2017 looks like. Pretty damn proud of myself for getting back in the saddle, and hopefully you’ll get that 3rd book of the year before 2018! The last two releases were certainly amazing!

I had a longer post planned but had to talk for an hour on the phone (I know, the horror!) so I’ll get to writing now and ramble on once the book is done. I know, that will leave you all heart broken!

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