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Day 14 – NaNoWriMo 2017

Required words: 1,666
Target total: 23,333
Actual words: 2,049
Overall words: 37,255

A mixed bag of a day overall. The morning was phenomenal that I spent with my fellow writer and friend, her second book is out today! Yay! And the first is free right now, so if you love urban fantasy / paranormal romance, give her a leg up and download it. After some quality socializing (and talking shop. We’re not artistes, we’re writers who see their intellectual property as business. I can’t talk for her, but I generally see myself for as an entertainer, anyway). Went to get lunch afterwards, duck with veggie rice, at my favorite restaurant, wrote a bit there–and then fell into a deep, dark emotional hole. Crawled back home and snuggled in bed with the evil black cat, felt pretty wiped–until at around 8pm I get a second wind and wrote another 1.1k words to at least reach the NaNoWriMo requirement. Skipped out of a marketing webinar for that, but might catch the replay tonight where I can skip ahead to the good parts. You wouldn’t believe how much crap is getting sold to us Indie publishers to get the job done, although this one was a good one for once. Still. I don’t have $750 lying around to invest in a marketing course that might or might not help me sell more books. But next time I can’t write, I might set out and do some heavy duty marketing research. Let’s hope the muse keeps kissing me because I really don’t want to do that!

Home sweet home, I’m in the office again today, weather is nice but cold outside. The fridge is here! As is the new lamp. I can now enjoy refrigerated goods that I can not just eat, but also see while I’m eating them! Welcome to the 21st century.

Today is the halfway point of NaNoWriMo, and so far I have to say, I’m doing better than I was afraid but I’m still behind my absolutely fantastic plan. Pretty happy with the progress so far. If it wasn’t for Netflix releasing Punisher and Longmire this weekend, I might even finish the book by Sunday. I need inspiration, and there are few things I hunger for like binge watching quality TV, so I might take the weekend off from 12 hour writing sprees. Might still get some words in, and probably some exercise, too, but 2-3 days delay won’t make a difference. But damn, 37k words in 14 days and I still feel like I’m not producing enough. That’s not a healthy mindset, even if I’m doing it to catch up on time lost. Still, I’m on track for top 3 most productive months of the year, and at 60k (which sounds very reasonable) it will be the most productive. Can we do NaNoWriMo ever month, please?

Anyway, I have lots of greatness to write and zombies to kill! Interspersed with some salad and swimming, because this is my life now! I was offered “comfort salad” yesterday. I’m allowed to by a little cynical.

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  • Aaron

    Thanks for the recommendation. Checking out your friend’s book tonight. Do you ride your bike to the office and if so, do you have to worry about ice or are Austrian roads better maintained than the US? (New England gets plenty of black ice in the winter to make even driving a car an adventure sometimes.)

    It is amazing how much you write and how consistent you are! Thanks for all the writing and providing us with an escape from the mundane.

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