Introducing Z365 – a daily zombie-apocalypse serial

A Serial—What, Why, Am I F***ing Insane?!

Welcome to my new project!

It’s going to be a new post-apocalyptic zombie book / series, released (for now) in a serialized format, daily on my blog, for free! My plans may change down the line, but for now, you will get the entire “book” in daily installments that will remain—freely accessible—on my blog at least until the story is finished, has been professionally edited, and gets released on amazon. My supporters on Patreon will get monthly ebook chunks, but if you just want the words, here you go!

What exactly is this story?

It’s a post-apocalyptic zombie romp. It’s actually a version of what was supposed to be my next great multibook masterpiece… but then fizzled out when the pandemic hit, and suddenly my new plans for the beginning of the first book and the research I had done in early 2020 hit way too close to home. Too close as in, the news were broadcasting crematories in Italy—right across the border from my home country of Austria—had backlog lines while I was typing away on a scene where my protagonist, a mortician, was complaining about backlog lines in her funeral home. If you’re new to my stories: hi! I’m Adrienne! I’m an artist! I have a gentle soul. If you’re a veteran reader, you might now be scratching your head while thinking, really? The woman who gave us asshole-orchestrated almost zombie rape got squeamish at this? Welcome to my brain. 

Suffice it to say, the funeral-director protagonist angle got abandoned. It’s also a good thing I didn’t pick up writing this story in April (once I got over the first wave of lockdown stupor) because otherwise, you’d likely have gotten half a book of me ranting that it’s all just because people were too stupid to wear masks and stay away from each other. Fact is, being a molecular biologist in a pandemic is fun, particularly when you could play bullshit bingo with facts (and “facts”) of pretty much any possible side and facet of what happens right now and how people react. As much as I always appreciate my education because it helps inform how I write biochemistry-related apocalypses, sometimes it’s not the easy route to remaining sane. 

It’s also a good thing I didn’t continue developing this series (that, by then, had concluded with a really weird book 4 in my head), because just after getting the idea for a short comedy thriller series, the foundations of what will be my next great zombie masterpiece established themselves in my mind, and trust me, you’d much rather want me to develop that. Just thinking about it gives me the creeps. You’ll love it!

Because 2020 wasn’t fun enough, my personal life took a nosedive on not one but three fronts in quick succession (all pandemic-independent), and by July I had to admit that ZERO of my plans for the year were happening. That irked me. A lot. Even more so, I had this pretty sweet concept for a zombie novel that was going nowhere and remained half-cooked on the mental shelf in my brain. I hate unfinished business like that—unfinished business that is rife with potential. Yeah, it had a sequence of starting issues but that didn’t mean I didn’t want to write it. It just didn’t fit into any concepts at the moment.

Then I just so happened to listen to a podcast on my evening walk where a writer described that she was releasing her next book on her blog in serialized form. I don’t remember much else about that episode because my brain latched on to that concept like nobody’s business.

It was perfect:

It would give me a chance to realize that zombie novel after all since I needed a plot—and I already had several iterations of one, even if they were all flawed. Just take away all the superficial fluff and concentrate on the actions, and voila! Concept ready!

It will give me something to release to my loyal fans. Since neither a side project, the thrillers, the before-new series, or the super new gruesome series was happening (this year), I felt awful about not giving the masses something to read. I don’t have the brain power nor time to get this done and edited, but I can write it and proofread it myself, and you get it for free—sounds like a good deal, right? And if you happen to want to keep it later, you can buy the polished version from amazon—and I have a sure release for 2021!

I’ve been struggling with not being a consistent writer for years. It’s my MO. Kind of. This is the perfect project to try to change that up (a little). I will be writing ahead and setting things up to try to never (or not often, at least) fall behind having a daily chunk for you each morning. There will be some leeway so life can still happen and not derail me, but it’s something that requires daily dedication.

It’s a much-needed lifeline for me. Life really has been a bitch for me this year. Writing keeps me sane. This way, I have a reason why at least one hour each day needs to be dedicated to writing—and to you, my gentle readers! But it’s mostly for me, because I need to be selfish sometimes, too. All the better if you happen to profit from it.

Serial, what?!

Yes, this is a serialized version of a novel. Kind of. That’s the plan, at least. I always write my books in a linear fashion with minimal revisions of words I have already written, so this will give you a look at my writing process. Write – edit – post—repeat. Feel free to later compare it to the final book. I can already tell you, there’s a good chance that except for phrasing and typos, you’ll get as close as 96% of the final product. I’m a plotter. While the story won’t be exactly what I came up with in the outline, it will be cohesive and make sense. In theory. Let’s find out together.

You will get the story in chunks—not necessarily chapters or scenes since those cuts are not that easy to predict, and my chapters naturally run long.

Beware: There will be audacious cliffhangers aplenty! And you’ll have to wait an entire day until you can turn the page and read on! Yes, I’m evil.

Since I’m in Europe, most days your daily chunk should be ready and waiting for you once you get up in the US; for the rest of the world, it might be a “next day” thing, sorry.

Serial, editing? Free?

For now, I’m doing the editing myself, so yes, there might be a few typos, and the odd wonky phrase. Also, interesting commas. I write what my editor considers a pretty clean first draft, so it won’t be too bad… but if this is an issue for you, maybe wait until the polished version is available on amazon.

Why free? Well, I didn’t come up with that idea. And it’s actually not the first time in my life I’m doing something like this. I have a few years of fighting in the trench warfare that is fanfiction online; I know what it means to have people expecting (at least semi) consistent updates. I’m actually looking forward to this, and maybe getting some feedback in real-time.

Speaking of which: Feedback

Feel free to give as little or as much feedback as you want! With the exception of emailing me about every single typo you found. Feel free to sign up for my beta team if that’s your thing, but I cannot plot, write, proofread, post, and constantly go back and change everything. This is the price you pay for getting free fiction. I’d very much welcome everything else: encouragement, immediate reactions, predictions, whatnot! Gimme! 

Yes, we writers are (often) (at least closeted) attention whores. Deal with it.

Speaking of which: Language

There will be cursing. There will be R-rated content for violence, gore, etc. There might be some smut but don’t count on it. If you have issues with any of that… how did you find me?! Are you sure you clicked on the right author’s links? 

How long will this serial / story / experiment run?

Good question! I honestly can’t say. 

I have material plotted for the equivalent of two solid novels of around 350 pages / 100,000 words each. The story will, without a doubt, be shaped by the small-chunks format since I will be writing these chunks in quick succession. Might mean the “novel” will be shorter. Or not. 

I might have to tweak the posting schedule to 5 days a week. Or I’ll do chapters rather than chunks if that doesn’t work well. Bear with me—this is a work in progress in every sense of the world.

So… story? What is it about?

Zombie apocalypse! You’ll have to read it to find out!

All the daily serial chunks are filed under the category “Z365” that you can easily reach from the menu bars on the blog, or right here: http://www.zombieskicksandgiggles.com/category/z365/

Happy reading!

Start reading Z365 – 001 right here!


  • Michelle

    YAY!! I just found this! So looking forward to it. I read your Greenfield series at least twice, come books more depending on how much time it was between books in the series. LOVE Bree and Nate!!

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