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Day 12 – NaNoWriMo 2017

Required words: 1,666
Target total: 20,000
Actual words: 1,984
Overall words: 32,168

Slow  start for me today as I didn’t get much sleep. Ended up going to bed at 11pm like the good little writer that I am, but then couldn’t sleep. So I read a chapter in Diana Gabaldon’s Voyager, seeing as the show caught up with my re-reading progress from… two years ago? Anyway, reminded me again why I love reading her books (because they are amazing) and why I stopped reading them at the time: because they screw with my writing voice. Not many books do, but I’ve had the same issue with Gale Carriger’s books. Brilliantly written, but maybe because the voices of the books are so different, something in me kind of starts imitating that. You know, you and I, we wouldn’t know each other if I didn’t spend the last 20 years of my life inhaling English language everything, and imitation creates perfection (or at least moderately entertaining genre fiction). Anyway, still couldn’t sleep so I got up at midnight and did an hour of going up and down my living room and kitchen, loud music blasting in my ears, in the dark, this time avoiding kicking either of my cats. It happens. At 1am or so I finally went to bed, and now I’m bleary eyed and only half awake.

Doing some extra plotting was good. Weekend writing went well (4k in 2 days) but not exceptionally well. I was having a bit of a stop-and-go with the conversations, had a change of heart about some details that I’d only recently thought of, so it was more noodling through the words than blasting through the chapters. It happens. Plus weekend, and I cherish the time I spend with my guy (until I go off in his face that I can’t stand his clingy omnipresence anymore, but hopping into the car and driving to the gym helps). He’s about 1/5 done reading the book and keeps telling me what he always tells me: “So far I like it!” Of course I love that he likes it (he insists he really digs my books and doesn’t read them as an obligation), but I think it’s obvious how feedback like that, across 7.2 books, can drive a writer insane.

I also spent 4 hours (I think) playing Skyrim, and then ended up so sick to my stomach that I had to spend an hour in bed. Yes, I get motion sickness from playing video games! And the IMAX 3D logo thingie. Thankfully no issues with the movies, but I needed about 2 weeks to get used to my mac when I got it. Damn you, retina display! Crappy low-resolution displays, like the one I have in my office to plug into my laptop, are so much more easy on the eye. And the stomach. So all that taken together meant I only wrote for two hours, and it draaaagged. But I will finish that scene today, and then… then the fun part begins! Well, the next fun part. This book was already a lot of fun to write in places. This is where you, as the reader, should start getting concerned.

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  • Miranda Martin

    Trauma, just finished listening to Affliction which like all the other books I loved. Got very worried about Bree, should have known she would pull through. I especially love the way you make your reader,or listener understand the way something is said, chuffed, huffed or muttered, gives what is being said such depth, far better than he said, or she said. Think I may have to READ the next book can’t wait for audible to catch up she so has to have her revenge!!!! Also read Diana Gabaldon another great writer. Brilliant Adrienne keep up the good work, how you write books and this is beyond me but PLEASE don’t stop.
    Kindest regards Miranda

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